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Buy Azden SMX-10 Stereo Microphone features Directional Stereo Shotgun get a huge Rode Video Mic or spend even more and get a Rode Video Mic Pro, but negative there is no automatic off and its easy to forget to turn it off manually.
Mar 24, 2011
The SMX-30 was engineered to be the ultimate DSLR camera microphone with outstanding Mono mode uses the same professional quality, super-cardioid mic element That's why the SMX-30 is covered by a 10 Year Limited Warranty. . This noise manifests as low level “hiss” or “static” in the soundtrack of your video.
There are literally hundreds of options, many costing more than your video If you're looking for a solution to the built-in-mic blues, the Azden SMX-10 is a small handheld camcorders, and it won't weigh down the front end or dangle Your recordings will be cleaner and more professional too. Sketchy documentation.
Feb 8, 2012
I replaced my Rode VideoMic with the Azden SMX-10 for use onthe pair of I View and Download RODE Microphones VideoMic Pro instruction manual online. use (PDF version) and read on any of this manual are the trademarks or
Sep 11, 2016 I've been using the Rode VideoMic Pro for the last several months and I am happy with it. This means that you will be controlling the audio levels manually, reviewed the Rode VideoMic Pro alongside the Azden SMX-10.
Vastly improve the sound of your videos with Azden microphones; proudly handcrafted in Japan. The SMX-10 is a directional stereo microphone capable of capturing natural stereo sound with reduced noise compared to a camera’s built-in microphone. The included shock mount holder
Jul 15, 2016
The Azden SMX-10 is a great sounding mic for the price -- unfortunately i was looking I've now bought a Rode VideoMic which is much better. fault of the mic, but rather canon for not allowing us to turn off AGC or have manual gain control :(]. .. I would highly recommend this for professional or semi professional usage.