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Documentation. For an overview of the techniques implemented in Weka, and the software itself, you may want to consider taking a look at the data mining book. However, there is a large amount of freely available information as well. Weka has extensive help facilities built in and comes with a comprehensive manual.
Installing Java and WEKA. To install Java and Weka, please do the following: Install the JRE (Java Runtime Environment). You can download it from (This requires reboot in windows.) Install WEKA. You can download it from the Weka home page. This home page also has a single download that includes JRE too.
WEKA is a data mining suite that is open source and is available free of charge. If you want to be able to change the source code for the algorithms, WEKA is a good tool to use. It also reimplements many classic data mining algorithms, including C4.5 which is called J48 in WEKA. For more information, check out the WEKA
24 May 2016 Read this instruction manual before proceeding with installation of WEKA Boxcooler. •. Important documents besides this instruction manual are the order confirmation, the specification sheet and drawings. 1.1 Warranty and liability. The “General conditions of sale of WEKA Boxcoolers BV” are applicable.
16 Jun 2016 The Weka machine learning workbench is a powerful and yet easy to use platform for predictive modeling. In this post you will discover how you can install Weka on your workstation fast, and get started with machine learning. After reading this post you will know: How to install the all-in-one version of Weka
8 Apr 2013
Downloading and installing Weka. There are two versions of Weka: Weka 3.8 is the latest stable version, and Weka 3.9 is the development version. For the bleeding edge, it is also possible to download nightly snapshots. Stable versions receive only bug fixes, while the development version receives new features. Weka 3.8
30 Jan 2016 Weka's GUI allows you to: Preprocess data; Choose learning algorithms; Evaluate the results; Build simple visualizations; Form an interpretation of the results; Export some output. So, if you want to start machine learning algorithms without much of a coding background WEKA is the tool for you. Here is a list
27 Jan 2016
3 days ago Download Weka for free. Machine learning software to solve data mining problems. Weka is a collection of machine learning algorithms for solving real-world data mining problems. It is written in Java and runs on almost any platform.