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29 Dec 2016 Incorporation of gain media in plasmonic nanostructures can give the possibility to compensate for high Ohmic losses in the metal and design truly nanoscale optical components for diverse applications ranging from biosensing to on-chip data communication. However, the process of stimulated emission in
8 Jun 2012 The objective of this article is to review the progress of subwavelength or deep subwavelength plasmonic waveguides, and fabrication paper, we will review the development and progress of plasmonic waveguides, espe- . providing the frequency independent plasma frequency ?p = v. Ne2/?0m, while
  Index Sensor Based on Asymmetric Plasmonic Waveguide With a Ring Resonator: A Review. Abstract: A novel and simple refractive index sensor based on the asymmetrical coupling of two metal-insulator-metal waveguides with a ring resonator is proposed and investigated numerically by finite-difference time domain.
10 Jul 2012 We review some of the recent research activities on plasmonic devices based on metal-dielectric-metal (MDM) stub resonators consisting of a MDM plasmonic waveguide side-coupled to a MDM stub resonator filled with an active material. 1. as finite-difference methods in the time and frequency.
5 Jun 2015 Nanoplasmonic waveguides: towards applications in integrated nanophotonic circuits. Open In this review, researches on plasmonic waveguides are reviewed from the perspective of plasmonic circuits. . It can be operated beyond 100 Gbit s?1 and is only limited by resistance-capacity time constants.
15 Aug 2014 In this article, we review the mechanism of remote SERS and its development since it was first reported in 2009. Various remote metal systems based on plasmonic waveguides, such as nanoparticle–nanowire systems, single nanowire systems, crossed nanowire systems and nanowire dimer systems, are
25 Apr 2014 We introduce a scheme where a time-dependent source excites ``complex-frequency'' modes in uniform plasmonic heterostructures, enabling complete and dispersionless stopping Physical Review Letters Calculations show how to excite extremely slow-moving light pulses in a nanosized waveguide.
11 Jan 2013 Abstract. As typical one-dimensional nanostructures for waveguiding tightly confined optical fields beyond the diffraction limit, metal nanowires have been used as versatile nanoscale building blocks for functional plasmonic and photonic structures and devices. Metal nanowires, especially those fabricated
Abstract: We propose a plasmonic waveguide with semiconductor gain material for optoelectronic integrated circuits. We analyze properties of a finite-thickness metal–semiconductor–metal (F-MSM) waveguide to be utilized as an ultra- compact and fast . distance the field amplitude drops e times and can be found.