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between Tower Hamlets and neighbouring boroughs;; as identified in the Local Plan's Spatial Vision, Sub-Area Vision, and Site Allocations; the Council's Cycling Strategy; Green Grid Study and in the principles of approved planning policy documents;; linking to public transport, town centres, open spaces and social and
LONDON BOROUGH OF TOWER HAMLETS Strategic Planning. Responsible to: Strategic Planning Manager. Responsible for: Local Plan Place Team comprising x1 Principal Urban Design. Officer; x 2 Planning Officers (including Strategic Transport consultation and comments on national planning policy framework.
Consultation and engagement with local residents, communities and businesses is at the heart of the planning process. Tower Hamlets Council is committed to listening to local people and taking their views into account. When new planning policy and development proposals come forward we would like to hear what you
tion for the policy regarding definition, implementation and justification. Key Local Plan policy links. Key evidence base supporting the policy. The Managing Development Document (MDD) should be used along- side national planning policy guidance, the London Plan, the borough's. Core Strategy, Neighbourhood Plans
M.2 The development plan comprises a number of statutory planning documents, including the London Plan, the Local Plan and Neighbour- hood Plans. It is the main vehicle for coordinating decision-making for development in the borough on a spatial basis. The development plan provides the policy framework in which
The Development Plan for Tower Hamlets is comprised of the London Plan (produced by the Mayor of London), Local Plan and Neighbourhood Plans (should any be adopted). The Development Plan is also influenced by the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF), which sets out strategic policies for development and
The Tower Hamlets Local Plan consists of the Core Strategy and Managing Development Document . Together these documents provide spatial policies, development management policies and site allocations to guide and manage development in the borough. The Core Strategy was formally
The borough's Development Plan is comprised of the London Plan (produced by the Mayor of London), the Local Plan and any Neighbourhood Plans that may come forward. This set of documents is used to manage development by helping to assess planning applications. It is guided by national guidance and supported