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MANUAL. Ceiling Estimate from Armstrong 3.1. - 3 -. A. How to install the software. / After downloading from the Internet. T. •. To download the latest version of Ceiling Estimate visit our web site at •. Find downloaded “Install.exe” file on your Hard Drive (HD) by using “Windows Explorer”.
Assembly and Installation Instructions. The ceiling system is made up of Armstrong® panels. (either 2' x 4' or 2' x 2') which are supported by a suspension system (main beams, cross tees and hangers), and perimeter molding. The integrity of the entire suspended ceiling depends on the hangers – commonly wires – which
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Ceiling panels must be kept clean, dry, and protected from the elements. Remove the panels from the cartons 24 hours before installation to acclimatize to interior conditions. • The installation site must be free from debris and dust. • Irrespective of varying temperature and humidity recommendations which vary from product
3. THREE EASY STEPS TO INSTALL YOUR CEILING. Hang First Main Beam. 1. Stretch a guide string from one end of the room to the other below the molding where the first main beam will hang (A). (illus. A). 2. Place the cut end of the main beam on the wall molding and insert a hanger wire in a hole near the other end of
Meets All Building Codes for Nonresidential Construction. Hot dipped galvanized, rust-resistant steel. Durable double-web construction. • Easy-Up Installation. Choice of How To Install Your Armstrong Suspended Ceilings Panels Stretch a guide string from one end of the room to the other below the molding where.
METALWORKS CLIP-IN INSTALLATION MANUAL. 1. GENERAL. 1.1 Product Description. MetalWorks Clip-in system is sealed splice, clean and tidy. 1.2 Materials and Finishes. MetalWorks Clip-in system is made of hot-dipped galvanized steel or aluminum structure. MetalWorks Clip-in system is available in unperforated,
(HSE) regarding the manual handling of heavy cartons. An assessment should be made of any associated risks and if necessary mechanical lifting equipment should be used. Armstrong suspended ceilings are interior finishes and the site conditions during installation should reflect this. Ceiling tiles should be stored for.