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Why is it that every class has highly skilled players doing 1v1 videos for fighting different classes, yet i cant find any videos from a rogue pov on how to play. And please, because you assume im an fotm just learning to play, ive played my rogue since wrath, but strictly did pve.
2 Feb 2014 posted in Rogue: I'm having a lot of trouble beating mages in either 1v1 scenarios in arenas or duels (which is where I practice for such scenarios) I watched rizzy's opener video so I usually start off by popping blades, and garroting When there are no pillars and specific talents to use vs mage, strategy is:
I'd like to see some dueling guides for the rogue (in 5.4) against lots of other classes. I can't speak for everyone else but, personally, I found these guides improved my game-play in arena considerably providing me with a good idea of how to counter different classes and what to watch out for. I used to love
I myself have played in Vanilla, but I never remember battling any rogue in PvP since I never really PvP'd much in Vanilla. I keep hearing that it was impossible to beat Rogues 1v1 since you'd be stunlocked for ages and even if you don't die by then, your HP will be very low so you'll end up losing anyways.
Arena Games. Subtlety Rogue CGW: RMP Target Selection and Swapping vs. RLS | WoW PvP Guide. Foxyo +7 Skill. 10-21-17 500 views. Subtlety Rogue CGW: Resetting vs. FLS | WoW PvP Guide. Foxyo +4 Skill. 10-21-17 280 views. Subtlety Rogue CGW: Swapping to Holy Paladins | WoW PvP Guide. Foxyo +12 Skill.
31 Jul 2017
is out of control. I don't care if 1v1 is their niche. A class should never ever be able to kill someone in instanced pvp in 3 seconds before their stun wears off. Blizzard it's time to use those stat templates you said were in place for balance. How do you justify a class being this broken while other classes are
A guide for choosing your talents in order to 1v1 or 2v2 with the most potential to kill.
The updated guide for Legion Assassination Rogue, covering everything you need to know to PvP as an Assassination Rogue. Hope you enjoy! Please know that I am not maining Assassination so my Artifact Weapon isn't going to be complete. Thank you for understanding. Thank you for watching! Please hit SUBSCRIBE if
Any cleric pros have any advice for 1v1 against rogues as inq? I just can't seem to survive and I am P86. They still seem to kill me at will, though.