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Though many guiding companies can offer a full guided service over 3-4 weeks up the mountain this article is aimed at those wishing to climb the classic route on their own terms without a guide and help to answer any queries on logistics that you might have. Denali - The West Buttress in profile on the left hand sky line,
North America's highest peak and one of the Seven Summits; Veteran Denali guides; Excellent high-altitude training in a spectacular environment. Denali, previously also known as Mt McKinley, means 'the high one' in the local Koyukon language, and is situated in the Alaska Range 390 miles (627k) from the Arctic Circle.
31 Jul 2013 One advantage of failing to climb a mountain like Denali is that you have an excuse to go back there. Mountains have many facets, and by choosing an alternative route you can feel like you're climbing a different mountain. There are some great options on Denali, depending on your talent and fortitude.
29 Jun 2015 The price difference offered refers to the Guide Ratio. The higher priced departures are for trips with a guide to client ratio of 1:2 with a maximum of 6 clients. At 6194m, Denali is the highest peak in the majestic Alaskan range of North America. Its huge 6000m bulk rises dramatically from the surrounding
24 Jul 2013 I was climbing Denali on a commercially guided expedition to climb the standard West Buttress route with the American Alpine Institute (AAI), one of only a handful of operators with a license to run commercial expeditions to Denali, the others being Mountain Trip, Alpine Ascents, Rainier Mountaineering Inc
Climb between the gorgeous granite rock of the West Buttress and ascend the final corniced ridge to the summit of Denali. Climb with experienced RMI Guides, benefiting from the background, training, and expertise of our leaders as you venture to higher altitudes. Take part in an RMI adventure and see why we continue to
I bought Spantiks for my Denali trip this May. Many of the guide companies(RMI, Mountain Trip, AMG) now list them as a boot suitable for Denali in May, with overboots. There are many on this board that have climbed Denali in them. I did a lot of research prior to buying mine. (Although I did get mine in a fire sale on EBAY
25 Jun 2014 This summer, I will be guiding two climbs on Denali and have put together a summary of the equipment I will be taking with me (excluding group items and I use the Black Diamond Dawn Patrol LT jacket; other good options include the Rab Stretch Neo, Patagonia Mixed Guide, and Arc'teryx Gamma MX.
Everything I hoped for. Both of these guys are top-notch guides. These guys consistently used every opportunity to teach us how to be better climbers. I was impressed how they would tutor us, but not treat us like children. They expected us to be experienced climbers and demanded that we rise to the occasion. It was great.
Climb Denali with the guides who know it best. Our 2015 guide staff had over 400 ascents of Denali. Authorized concessionaire of Denali National Park.