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The original tfpro P38 stereo mastering compressor, after 4 years of manufacture, became a recognised and wonderfully effective tool for stereo bus The P38-EX features additional input gain switching (for high levels of compression), soft limiting for maximum mastering level, a variable stereo-width control and balance
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1979, if I heard "Windy" by the Association, it took me back to high school, reminded me of the friends I hung out with at the pool that summer, put me in a specific or a TFPRO P38 Stereo Compressor/Limiter ("I found the P38 to have no perceivable noise or unwanted coloration, which is extremely rare for a compressor
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It's called the 'V8' not only because it's the 8th design of stereo compressor in the P38 series, but also it's because it has 8 circuit innovations that make it special. The FETs suffered from high distortion while the photoresistor or 'optical' types worked well but acted too slowly; they were OK for overall level control but had
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compressors. Further to this unique 'mode' of compression, the P38 is augmented by facilities such as 'Transient release' a 'Stereo width' control and a 'Balance' control as well as the amazing 'Soft Clip' function. Why is the TFPRO compressor different to a modern high tech. compressor limiter? It was designed as a stereo
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