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This page offers free and engaging ESL EFL teaching activities, worksheets and games about asking for and giving directions.
Getting students to follow written directions at any grade level is a difficult task. We can help you with this set of printables.
1 Apr 2017 This is Day 5 (potentially 2 sessions) of a 5 day unit of work for teaching Position and Direction objectives in year 1. The children will love the Mr Whirligig character and his inherent dizziness and silliness, who will guide them through this great fun
All the resources included for a standalone lesson that uses Where's Wally to teach direction. I put these resources together for an interview and got the job, so I thought that it would be good to share. All feedback/comments welcome.
The Academy produces a series of guides for middle and high school teachers to facilitate the classroom exploration of the art and science of motion pictures. The activities are designed to tap students' interest in film and the excitement of the Academy Awards to teach Art Direction. complete art direction activities guide
20 Jan 2009 Directions and Maps. In two parts, teach your students about the cardinal directions and how to use a compass and maps. The lesson includes outdoor activities. Follow these steps:
Directions can be challenging to teach however its practical uses are readily understood by students and there are many fun activities you can incorporate into your lessons to make them more enjoyable. Typically the first directions lesson would follow lessons introducing vocabulary such as post office, police station, school
to integrate EGGSPERT into your daily classroom activities. THIS PRODUCT (in assorted colors), each attached to a 10-foot cord. (1) Teacher Control Button (white) attached to a 10-foot cord. (1) AC adapter. (1) Teacher's Guide. ™ . lit, all “green” participants must follow the teacher's directions (“Take one giant step
New Directions for Teaching and Learning. © Wiley Periodicals, Inc. Cover image for Vol. Forms and Resources · Call for Issue Topics for New Directions for Higher Article first published online: 14 MAR 2016; The Canadian Teaching Commons: The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in Canadian Higher Education