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25 Mar 2016
21 Nov 2012
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Reaperesses are Shamans who fight with scythes. They're filled with the fiercest battles. This makes the Reaperess a great class for Shamans who want to exploit their enemies' weaknesses and drive them back. (omitted) -Treasure Hound Guild Guide, Class Change, Chapter 15, Reaperess-
Our mission is to continue building an active, friendly guild to play C9 alongside with. No drama included. We encourage our members to party up and help one another whether that be party quests, dungeons, or general C9 info. We are a mixed type guild, oriented towards whatever is in the guild's individual interests (PVE
anyone please post a link.. need only for pve type build reaperess LEVEL 50 for me to manage my SP (1047 SP) and also does reaperess is a STR or Wis.
16 Jul 2016
Treasure Hound Guild Guide, Class Change, Chapter 15, Reaperess -. Shamans use different means to manipulate the power of the spirits, depending on where they were brought up. Reaperesses from Levin, a continent constantly in conflict, have found a way to attach the power of the dark spirits to their scythes and use it
16 Mar 2013 C9 Reaperess Guide by Ispanik. Welcome to my comprehensive guide about reaperess. To introduce myself, I'm Ripper, playing on the EU server. This guide won't provide you with my build, but with: – Info on skills, how they can be used;. – Nine “popular” choices for builds;. – Stats info and help to choose