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17 Mar 2016 Pokemon Black and White 2/Pokestar Studios . When done, the movie is completed and you can see your outcome. Ranks:.
12 Jul 2016 Pokestar Studios - Pokemon Black 2 and White 2: Pokestar Studios (Japanese Name: The created movie can then be watched at the theater.
23 Apr 2015 Pokestar Studios. After you defeat Roxie, a talent scout comes up to you and says that you have what it takes to be a movie star. He asks you to
12 Nov 2012 For Pokemon Black Version 2 on the DS, PokeStar Studios FAQ by MKaykitkats. 2 / White 2: PokeStar Studios / Pokewood FAQ/Walkthrough Version There are some things I left unfinished, such as the full movie scripts
Pokestar Studios allows the player to take part in making films involving Pokemon. . film room B2W2.png · Pokestar Studios dressing room B2W2.png · White 2
Pokemon White 2 Walkthrough and Guide. By CMBF · Google+ Acting: “The basics of Pokestar Studios film acting resemble Pokemon battling. But it's not a
PokeStar has a building in which you can participate in Pokemon movies. These movies have you partake in various scenarios to get the best movie. The Icirrus City This increase in rank is based on your total box office revenue and starts to give you more fans and build up the entire PokeStar Studios area. Item Listings
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Pokemon Black and White 2 - Enjoy creating your own box office hits in If you want, you can play around with Pokestar Studios and film your own movies.